Auburn Overlook, Auburn State Park

Alpine Meadows Horse Stables

Squaw Valley

Sterling Point Staging area, Placer County 
River Crossing at Poverty Bar, American River/ Tevis

Cronan Ranch, BLM


Robinson Flat Campground

Jack Brook


Marin County

Briones Equestrian Park,

East Bay Regional Park

Caples Equestrian Trailhead

Silver Fork


Deer trail, Hidden Falls RP
Water Trough at Olmstead, Cool
Sailor Bar Staging Area, American River Parkway
Cache Creek Ridge

Tevis at Chicken Hawk near Michigan Bar

Foresthill / Driver Flat Loop

Tevis Training loop

Grey Squirrel Trail, Hidden Falls RP
Snowberry Creek Assembly, Shadow Glen, Fair Oaks
Robie Equestrian Park, Placer County
Tuolumne Meadows

Bayview, near Emerald Bay

1854 North Fork Ditch

Folsom Lake SRA

River Otter Loop, Hidden Falls RP
William Pond Assembly Area, American River Parkway

Lake Natoma/ Negro Bar Staging area,

Folsom Lake SRA

Stewart Horse Camp, Point Reyes

Creekside Trail at Hidden Falls

Tevis Trail to
Poverty Bar

American River Parkway

El Dorado Canyon/ Western States Trail
Los Lagos Lateral Trail, Folsom Lake SRA
Oak Flat Trail
, Foresthill Road, Placer County
Wright's Lake, EDNF

Granite Bay, Folsom Lake
Pioneer Express Trail at Folsom Dam
Michigan Bluff-El Dorado Canyon, Placer County
Seven Pools Loop Trail, Hidden Falls RA

Pony Express

Corral  EDNF Highway 50

Caples Creek, EDNF

Olmstead Loop, Cool, CA

Beeks Bight Trail 

Folsom Lake SRA

Quarry Trail Loop, Auburn State RA
Blue Oak Loop Trail, Hidden Falls RA

Lake Natoma/ Negro Bar, Folsom Lake RA

Little Bald Mountain Loop, Tahoe NF

Golden Eagle Loop

Hidden Falls RA

Foresthill Stagecoach Road, Auburn SRA
Pioneer Express Trail to Avery's Pond

Dru Barner Horse Camp, El Dorado NF

Horse Trailhead at Las Tampas, Danville, CA

Middle Trail Granite Bay

Folsom Lake SRA

Sunrise and Sacramento Bar, American River Parkway
Poppy Trail, Hidden Falls RA

White Oak Flat Horse Camp,  Foresthill Road

High Meadows and Cold Creek, South Lake Tahoe

Great Egret & Golden Finch Trail

Hidden Falls

Sawtooth Trail, TRuckee
Granite Bay south to Beal's Point, Pioneer Express Trail

Black Oak Horse Camp, Sly Park, EDNF

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Are you ready for wildfire, or other disaster???

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3 Miles an Hour 

(Video Link)

It is the speed of a horse and some folks say the best way to see and savor a life well lived. This is the story of retired back-country outfitter Smoke Elser. His vision of wilderness has always included people. This program takes you into the Bob Marshall wilderness as Elser shares his history, passion and connection to the outdoors.

BCHC Mother Lode Unit
PO Box 702
North Highlands, CA  95660

Meeting information:

  • Board meetings are on the 4th Monday of February, April, June, August, October, December.     

         (All are welcome to board meetings.)

  • General meetings are on the 4th Monday of January, March, July, September, November.      
  • No meetings in May.

Board  Meeting: at   Denny's in Cameron Park

January 28, 2019

Dinner @ 6:00, Meeting @ 7‚Äč